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Are you ready for the holidays? Beyond the white desk… safety first!

Our office holiday decor is up and ready to greet our patients with some cheer! Our patients rest easy knowing we take great pride in our facilities – both aesthetically and clinically. We go above and beyond to ensure our patients are safe using evidenced-base care, state of the art technology and the highest commitment to safety.  We hope you’ll stop by to say hello! Happy holidays everyone!fullsizerender-2

Do you know this guy?

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Did you check out Dr. Wiggins and D2O Dental in the October issue of Sacramento Magazine – “Best of Sacramento”? Just another day in the office! Featured as the Face of Advanced and Sedation Dentistry, D2O Dental shared our team’s passion and commitment to providing our patients with the best care. We know many patients are scared and fearful of the dentists – many have had traumatic experiences – and our team is here to help all patients get on the right track to better, more beautiful and healthy teeth.  If you or someone you know has or is having “dental anxiety”, please give us a call at 916-442-7000 and let our team help. Or just stop by and say hello! We are experienced in helping reduce the fear and anxiety that many patients feel and have a variety of options to choose from. You never know, you might decide it’s not so bad afterall.

3D imaging demo with Dr. Wiggins!

Patients can now take x-rays faster and easier than ever before using our new 3-D imaging machine. It takes about 14 seconds and is about 5 times less radiation exposure than even digital full mouth x-rays!   Unlike traditional X-rays, this revolutionary 3-D imaging machine rotates 360°, snapping away nearly 600 digital images that capture not only your teeth and all root canals, but your jaw and skull allowing our team more information to provide even better patient care. We continuously strive to find new and innovative ways to deliver the best care for our patients and we think you’ll love this new machine as much as we do! Come take a look at your next visit! Check out Dr. Wiggins using our new 3D imaging machine!


Can we say 3D?!

It’s here!! D2O Dental is now equipped with a CBCT machine aka advanced technology that allows us to take panoramic and 3D images of our patients – all in about 14 easy seconds!  Here’s a few photos of our team getting trained. And check out Dr. Wiggins being our first patient!!! We’re so excited to offer this service to patients. With significantly less radiation exposure than even digital x-rays, this machine allows patients the ease and comfort of taking x-rays – just by standing there. On the flip side, it provides better images and diagnostic capabilities for our doctor and team — which means better care for our patients! Come check it out today!

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Just in time for summer!

Summer is upon us! Graduations, Weddings, BBQs and lots of pool fun! In the midst of all the festivities, don’t forget to care for your teeth! There’s nothing like a toothache to ruin that summer afternoon. If you’re getting ready for a wedding or special event, you might also want to think about whitening or cosmetic services so you and your smile are looking extra swanky for that special event. We’re offering some special extended financing for the summer so contact our office today.  On behalf of our team, have a great summer, don’t forget to put on sunscreen… and yes, don’t forget to floss either!