Are you ready for the holidays? Beyond the white desk… safety first!

Our office holiday decor is up and ready to greet our patients with some cheer! Our patients rest easy knowing we take great pride in our facilities - both aesthetically and clinically. We go above and beyond to ensure our... Read More

Do you know this guy?

Did you check out Dr. Wiggins and D2O Dental in the October issue of Sacramento Magazine - "Best of Sacramento"? Just another day in the office! Featured as the Face of Advanced and Sedation Dentistry, D2O Dental shared our team's... Read More

3D imaging demo with Dr. Wiggins!

Patients can now take x-rays faster and easier than ever before using our new 3-D imaging machine. It takes about 14 seconds and is about 5 times less radiation exposure than even digital full mouth x-rays! Unlike traditional X-rays, this... Read More

Can we say 3D?!

It's here!! D2O Dental is now equipped with a CBCT machine aka advanced technology that allows us to take panoramic and 3D images of our patients - all in about 14 easy seconds!  Here's a few photos of our team... Read More

Just in time for summer!

Summer is upon us! Graduations, Weddings, BBQs and lots of pool fun! In the midst of all the festivities, don't forget to care for your teeth! There's nothing like a toothache to ruin that summer afternoon. If you're getting ready... Read More

Graduation Day!

On behalf of our entire team, we wanted to congratulate Dr. Wiggins for completing the intensive, nine course curriculum at the prestigious Kois Center! The Kois Center is an internationally renowned training center for advanced training in aesthetic, occlusion, and... Read More

Need Dental Implants?

We are very excited to share that our office is able to offer the placement of dental implants for select patients.  In combination with one of the most rigorous dental implant courses in the country and guidance from nationally recognized... Read More

Where does the time go?

Happy (belated) 5 year anniversary! Yes, this post is about 2 weeks late. But, better late than never! On May 10, 2015, D2O Dental celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Anyone with kids or operates a business of any kind, knows... Read More

Q&A with Dr. Wiggins: Not Just Your Cool, Neighborhood Dentist

Question: Dr. Wiggins, most patients know you as the tall guy with the white coat fighting cavities or creating healthy smiles in the office. Sometimes, people actually enjoy coming to the dentist when they see your team and office.  What... Read More

What’s Up Doc? – Introducing a Monthly Q&A with Dr. Wiggins and Team

We know that sometimes you (our patients) have questions for the dentist (or dental team) and you just didn't have time to ask. The same can be true for our team. We know life is busy and we only have... Read More