Q&A with Dr. Wiggins: Not Just Your Cool, Neighborhood Dentist

Question: Dr. Wiggins, most patients know you as the tall guy with the white coat fighting cavities or creating healthy smiles in the office. Sometimes, people actually enjoy coming to the dentist when they see your team and office.  What do you do to stay on top of your trade and continuing education?

Dr. Wiggins:

There’s a lot dentists do to stay current with advancements in the field.  For me, since 2011, I’ve been studying at the Kois Institute in Seattle, Washington.  This intensive, multi-series course is taught by Dr. John Kois who is arguably the world’s most respected dental educator. He’s designed a curriculum to help general dentists and dental specialists better manage high risk patients as well as those with complex cosmetic needs, using an evidenced –based systemized approach.  I’m very proud to say that I will be completing the program in November 2015. I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be one of the very few dentists who are able to have completed the Kois Centers’ curriculum and even fewer located in the Northern California region.

Our classes at the Kois Institute have a very diverse mix of dentists, from new graduates who have earned a scholarship to attend to dentists near retirement who want a capstone to their life of practice. As well, I have met dentists from all over the world, from Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Italy, Dubai, Japan, and Malaysia, and so there has been added value in learning different perspectives that have broadened my own views.

Although the training is geared towards patients with a high level of need, it also helps me every day with how I assess risk, advise treatment, and operate. The goal of all of which is to keep all of my patients as healthy as possible.

I see the difference every day.

High risk patients for cavities are getting less, gum disease is more predictably controlled and even those with complex jaw issues are getting resolution after living with years of pain. I’m also able to do cosmetic work and make smiles that are in balance and harmony with the rest of the body. Being able to provide true Wellness is what I sought to gain for my patients and I think we have accomplished just that.

We work hard to provide a beautiful and modern facility for our patients and a place where patients who have high fear can receive care in a place where they feel safe and the people are compassionate.  The amenities and video goggles also add to make the dental experience better. I’m proud to be a place where patients actually enjoy going the dentist, but also know that I, my team, work very hard to make sure that the care they receive is measured with clinical excellence in mind.