Where does the time go?

Happy (belated) 5 year anniversary! Yes, this post is about 2 weeks late. But, better late than never! On May 10, 2015, D2O Dental celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Anyone with kids or operates a business of any kind, knows that 5 years calls for both a time to share your gratitude and celebrate (in reality though, every day is a success in its own way right?!).

While we took pause to appreciate the journey, our team also took some time to re-invigorate and reassess how to make our team, our practice, our service better than ever. Our last team meeting was focused on the simple task of what we’re doing well and where we could improve. Your feedback (both positive and constructive) have been invaluable to us during this process. At the end of each visit, you should receive a brief questionnaire to let us know how your visit goes. Don’t be shy! We know you won’t have time to give us feedback every time, but when you do, they get read by a REAL person and are summarized at our meetings. Keep them coming. We love hearing from you.

Thanks for giving us the pleasure and honor to be your dental team. We would not be hear without you. You make it worth coming to work every day. Thank you.