“It’s never easy to make a change with dentists. This is the first time I have no worries at all!”


“I was terrified at first to the point where I couldn’t even think of what I was doing that weekend when he asked. But after the cool video goggles I survived and it wasn’t that bad after all!”


“Great staff, blown away by their friendliness, knowledge of my current oral conditions and desires for work to be done. Received a thorough and beautiful cleaning!! I’ve found my new dentist :-)”


“Excellent service! Superb!”


“Staff were hospitable and explained what was going to happen ahead of time; they were concerned about patient comfort. Excellent service.”


“So much better than my previous experience … exceed the expectation : )”


“Every visit to D2O far exceeds my expectations. From the short wait time, to the extremely clean bathroom (and access to a pre-appointment mouthwash, floss, and brushing), the well-decorated and spotless office, cheery and helpful desk employees, super friendly dental hygienists with great advice, reimbursement for parking…the list goes on and on! Not to mention that I was extremely satisfied with my dental cleaning, which felt amazing afterward and seemed to be very thorough. I love my dentist and cannot imagine going anywhere else!”


“Everything was amazing. Easy visit and great feeling after I left. Always have a great time at D2O.”


“I will always suggest Dr. Wiggins when someone is looking for a new style in dentistry. My experience is pleasant each and every time.”


“I always have a great time at D2O Dental. They really know how to take care of their patients.”


“The office is beautiful and the staff is friendly and skilled.”

Sarah O

“Was very impressed by the great service provided to me by all the friendly staff. Best dentist experience i’ve ever had.”


“This office is the perfect example of professionalism.”


“I love this office so much. Even though it had been a year since my last visit, the staff did not make me feel bad. They simply did my check up and put me back on track with my dental care plan. They staff takes the time to know their patients and remember what you’ve actually talked about from the prior visit. I’ve recommended this office to all of my coworkers.”


“The staff were so nice, fast, and proficient The atmosphere was excellent. The dentist is awesome he took his time checking my teeth and told me exactly what he was doing and explained what procedures that needed to be done to get my teeth corrected.”


“I look forward to my next dental visit because of the degree of comfort and care I received.”


“As always every one of my needs were met and all my expectations were exceeded :o) I literally enjoy going to the dentist now. Had I experienced this sort of service in the past, I know my teeth would be in far better shape than they are now. Regardless I’m here now, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m considering moving to the bay area, but rest assured that if I do I will still remain a patient and literally drive all the way from SF !<- thats how much I enjoy the wonderful staff and being a patient of Dr. Wiggins.”


“Staff was friendly and courteous and helped to ensure that I felt comfortable. There was no wait time.”




“I had a wonderful experience during my appointment at D2O dental. All of the staff were very friendly and well informed. I have had a history of being afraid of the dentist, but the dental hygienist definitely helped me with my fears. She was calm and gentle, and explained everything she was doing before she did it. I also brought along my very active 5 month old son and everyone volunteered to watch him while I was getting my teeth cleaned. My son loved all of the attention he was getting during his stay! Dr. Wiggins is an awesome doctor and has a wonderful attitude towards his patients. Best dental experience ever!!!!!!!”


“I had an amazing experience. The office staff was friendly, the hygienist was incredible (nice, professional and gentle) and I even received a thank you card for coming in early. I really appreciated the thought. Thanks!”


“Dr. Wiggins is very caring and makes sure that you are completely comfortable. Everyone in the awesome is friendly and amazing! Everyone has a high level of expertise, which is greatly appreciated! The video goggles are awesome! I had a hard time not laughing during my procedure!”


“The office looked great inside and out. The staff was extremely friendly and Dr. Wiggins made my first check up to be very comfortable. I would definitely recommend to others.”


“The staff is very friendly, they greeted me when I came in and made sure I was comfortable at all times. They also spent time explaining all my options. Dr. Wiggins took time to explain everything with me and get to know me and my dental needs.”


“I love getting my teeth cleaned at D2O dental. The staff is friendly, no waiting, and in and out in less than an hour. Highly recommended!”


“Â Dr. Wiggins office is the best dentist bar none we have ever been to. Friendly and professional staff front and back offie Dr. Wiggins is a gem so glad we found him.”


“I went it for my 6th month cleaning. It was pleasant and thorough as always. I love D20 dental!”


“Routine cleaning. Dr. Wiggins provides the best care I have ever received from any dentist. Thank you!”


“Everyone in the office is so friendly. The entire staff makes each patient feel like they are the most important person while they are in the office. The headphones and video goggles are a plus too!”


“You guys were so welcoming right from the get go. I’ve also never had a dentist who so thoroughly explained everything to me, including how my choice of toothpaste and mouthwash can affect my teeth.”


“GOING GREEN IS THE BEST THING EVER, Outstanding staff, from the time you arrive till you check out the knowledge and on screen view was amazing Thank you all very much !!!!!!”


“Going to the dentist is not fun- but the staff at D2O actually makes it a pleasant visit. I don’t dread going because I know that everyone is great about the work that they do.”


“I am terrified of dental work. I have anxiety attacks during dental treatment. I was initially nervous as usual, even crying before treatment but the movie glasses helped a LOT and he was very calm and explained everything. I didn’t feel anything. I will definitely continue to use this dentist service.”


“This has to be the best experience I have ever had at a dentist office. Dr. Wong is great!! Everyone was so nice and made my visit fantastic. It’s like a spa it was so nice.”


“Most people or organizations cannot live up to the hype but you did. All expectations were met.”


“Everyone I dealt with on my last appointment makes me extremely comfortable. I really enjoy going to my appointments.”


“Beautiful office, super clean, and everyone is so nice…love the lavender cloths!”


“Everything about my visit to D2O was great. From the front desk staff being extremely helpful and welcoming, to the chair-side manner of the hygienists, I always enjoy each visit back to D2O and can’t wait for my next checkup. D2O is by far above and beyond the best Dental office I’ve ever been to, and I’ve had a lot of work done on my teeth, so actually enjoying my visit is a big plus.”


“By far the best Experience, the staff are all super friendly. I love how the staff know my name without having to look at a chart… plus everyone has amazing smiles….”


“One of the best “dental experiences” ever. Competent, professional! Like Dr. Wiggins, like the staff. Expectations, with every visit, were exceeded.”


“Thank you to Dr Wong and the rest of the D2O staff. Everyone was super friendly, professional and very good at their job. The atmosphere is lovely, it doesn’t feel like a dental office at all! I left my appointment confident in my decision to choose D2O. In fact, I’ve already recommended it to other people.”


“I never thought that going to the dentist could feel like going to the spa, but that is what Dr. Wiggins and his wonderful staff accomplish! No one likes dental work, but if I have to have it done anywhere, I want it to be at D2O.”


“Both the Dental Hygienist and Dr. Wong were pleasant and honest about my dental care needs. It made my visit worthwhile and enjoyable.”


“Dr. Wiggins is so calming and gentle. Absolutely no fear here. No pain. Very clear in explaining and showing before and after shots. :)”


“Having not been to the dentist in way longer than is excusable, because I am fairly scared of the dentist, I wasn’t excited to be there. And my mouth is clearly not in great shape. But, no condescension from anyone in the office. The hygienist explained very matter-of-fact the state of my dental health, what needs to be done, and was very sensitive to my fear of dentistry. I was SO impressed. For the first time ever, I am not afraid to go back for my follow up.”


“All of the employees I met were extremely personable and friendly. They did a great job at making the whole experience feel casual and comfortable. I actually had a laugh to myself about how comfortable I was, thinking if I wasn’t being worked on, I’d probably be chatting it up with everyone there the whole time. I was very impressed with the level of excellent customer service from the employees mentioned above, and the professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Wiggins as well. Great people, great service! I’ve already recommended the place to a handful of friends!”


“As usual my experience was par for the course, which at D2O dental is 5 out of 5 stars. As always I was greeted with a smile by a courteous and genuinely friendly staff. One of the many things I enjoy about this office is it doesn’t have the out dated creepy feel that so so many dental offices have <- which makes a person like myself (& I know I’m not the only one) wonder, is this place really on the cutting edge of the dental industry/practices, or are they still living in the 80’s? I’m moving 500 miles away to Southern California in just a few short months, and even then I still wont be changing who my dentist is. I’ll simply work my dental appointments into my visits up to northern CA Thanks again for all you and your staff do!”


“I have referred 2 people to Dr. Wiggins Office is like a Spa not he dentist. I have lost my fear of the dental office.”


“Wife had impressions for bridge. I had cleaning. This is the finest and most caring dental office on the map!”


“I still have a lot of work that needs to be done but I felt very comfortable with my experience and am really looking forward to getting myself all straightened out again.”


“Always have a great experience.”


“I used to avoid the dentist and now I actually look forward to my appointments. My teeth feel so great after and the whole experience is actually peaceful from start to finish. I had some fillings done last week and was nervous, but the whole experience was quick and they really helped me to be comfortable. Thanks D2O dental!”


“Came in for a crown, nearly painless and felt quick as I watched a movie.”


“Had a fantastic visit and cleaning! D20 Dental is the best all-around dental practice that I’ve ever been too.”


“Always a nice experience. I recommend them to everyone I know.”


“The most thorough hygienist I have ever had. She did a great job all the way through the process and was very thorough.”


“Dr. Wiggins is so skilled, and clearly enjoys helping his patients! My dental experiences with him have been painless and pleasant. I highly recommend this dentist!”


“Making the typical ‘unpleasant’ experience a more-enjoyable one!”


“Whew! I was anticipating a lot of pain as I had with other dentists. They are friendly and very experienced in making you feel comfortable and at ease. The professionalism and skill are why I keep coming back. Thanks guys.”


“I was very impressed with this dentist office. Clean, professional, & personable – three things that I believe are a necessity.”


“The office tour was a very nice experience. The office could not have been cleaner. I noted that proper hand washing and patient safety rules are followed. I have already sent a new patient your way.”


“I have been going to D2O for about two years now, and every appointment I’ve had has reaffirmed how much I love D2O Dental and the care the staff provides. I would never think about going anywhere else and have recommended D2O to everyone I come into contact with!”


“A very pleasant dental experience.”


“My visits to D2O have been the least nerve racking, least stressful experiences I’ve ever had at a dental office. In fact, I’m even planning to call and set up some optional (esthetic) dental work. Dr. Wiggins did a fantastic job! The staff is very friendly, and all of the amenities are wonderful. Especially the video/movie option- this really helped take my mind off the dental work.”


“I feel like I am at the W Hotel or the Wynn when I come here. It’s nice to go to a dentist where things are approached with efficiency & empathy. I have full confidence that the relaxing decorative environment isn’t a glittery veneer for high profits, but intelligent solutions with a humanist touch. I consider this office on the forefront of dentistry evolution and trends, that the other offices will follow years down the road.”


“The office is beautiful, super clean, the staff is always extremely friendly and I have never had to wait even a minute after arriving. They do a great, professional job and my dental health has never been better.”


“I had never in my life been to a dentist that I actually liked (or didn’t dread going to!) before coming here. The staff is super-friendly, cleanings have been pain-free (I have super-sensitive teeth and gums and the hygienist is extremely gentle) and they don’t treat you like a child lecturing you about your brushing/flossing. Also, they don’t try to pressure you into procedures you don’t actually need (or that your insurance doesn’t cover!) like deep cleaning or teeth whitening. I would recommend d20 dental to anyone.”


“I have searched for the “right” dentist for so long and so far, I think I’ve found him. All staff members were professional, helpful, and proactive. All of my questions were answered and the use of photos to illustrate the dental procedures that I need were very helpful. I am extremely anxious about going to the dentist but I felt completely at ease and am assured that all efforts will be provided to make the procedures as comfortable as possible.”


“Very classy and modern office. All the staff were very sweet and knowledgable. Look forward to continuing our services with Dr. Wiggans and staff.”